We Believe

First and foremost, WE MUST MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

We Believe the work we do must enhance our client’s Competence, Emotional Intelligence, and leadership brand, as well as the organization’s overall impact.

We believe that when we coach an individual or team, lives are improved.  The impact can be felt professionally, personally, and within their family and Community.

We believe becoming a great leader is by far one of the Most altruistic acts an individual can achieve!


Our Values


     Use Your Head

Strive for Excellence.  Be Competent. Have intellectual curiosity.  Sharpen the saw. Continuously improve.  Make a difference. Drive results.  Manage complexity.

Learn from Your Mistakes.   Don't make the same mistake, twice.  Strive to be better.  Strive to do better.  Be accountable.

See the Big Picture.  Have a strategic mindset. Use double vision:  eyes on today and tomorrow.  Be aware of system impacts. Build networks.


Demonstrate Heart

Speak the Kind Truth.   Create a safe place. Instill trust and transparency.  Seek to understand, then be understood.  Value differences.

Say You're Sorry.   Admit your mistakes.  Take personal responsibility for what you do and say.  Be Vulnerable.

Be Humbly Confident.   Check your ego at the door.  Admit when you don't know.  Don't assume, don't judge.  Ask why?  Laugh at yourself.


      Act With Guts

Challenge Status Quo.  Be curious.  Don't take things at face value.  Seek clarity.  Find the root cause.  Ask lots of questions.   Have the courage to say what others are afraid to.

Create Choice.   Empower others to see there's always a choice between doing nothing and doing something.  Inspire Freedom.  

Be Hungry.  Take risks.  Show initiative.  Trust your gut.  Find your passion.  Have the courage to stand alone.  Be Resilient.