Don't Settle for Status Quo. 

Be Better.  Lead Better.


Great leadership is a choice and at the core of any SMART organization™.  Successful leaders use their head (IQ), heart (EQ) and gut (GQ™) to effectively lead the business to sustainable success.  By employing a strategic mindset, being empathetic and passionate, and trusting their instinct, leaders become influential, innovative, and engaged with the drive to create success for the business and people.

We focus on ensuring the leadership team at the helm of the business interacts cohesively and is committed to the decisions made by the team. Healthy teams communicate effectively because they make the strategic choice to consistently engage in The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™:  building trust, mastering conflict, achieving commitment, embracing accountability, focusing on collective results and committing to Team #1.

The SMART Org™ is Strategic, Motivating, Accountable, Risk-able™ and Teachable.  It is one that drives team health, creates clarity around the company vision and strategy, aligns people, systems and processes, and provides the direction, support, and resources to ensure people can successfully perform. The SMART Culture™ ensures strategic clarity, powers high performance, and ignites the desire in people to thrive.

Joyce has advised executive & leadership teams within two different healthcare systems in which I have worked. In addition to being an effective coach and consultant, she has also become a trusted advisor and thought partner to many of our leaders.

She is committed to bringing her passion, competence, professionalism and humor to every engagement. I highly recommend BreakthroughROI to any organization looking to enhance team cohesiveness, strategic alignment, and sustainability.
— Rhonda Brandon, CHRO, Duke Health (and formerly BJC HealthCare)