The SMART Org™

The SMART Organization™ is Strategic, Motivating, Accountable, Risk-able™ and Teachable.

It is one that drives team health, creates clarity around the company vision and strategy, aligns people, systems and processes, and provides the direction, support, and resources to ensure people can successfully perform.

A leader’s job is to look into the future and see the organization, not just as it is, but how it should be.
— Jack Welch

The SMART Leader

Strong leadership is at the core of any SMART organization™ and impacts everything. Successful leaders use their head (IQ), heart (EQ) and gut (GQ™) to effectively lead the business to sustainable success. By employing a strategic mindset, being empathetic and passionate, and trusting their instinct, leaders become influential, innovative, and engaged with the drive to create success for the business and people.

The SMART Culture

The white space in our model represents the culture of ownership that permeates all aspects of the business…it is intentional and requires effective leadership and strong employee engagement to ensure a successful journey.

A great culture is one where employees are empowered, innovative and work together to make the best decisions for the team and business. They are fully engaged and successfully thriving, which positively impacts the overall business and environment. The SMART Culture ensures organizational strategic clarity, powers high performance, and ignites the desire in people.

The SMART Meeting Framework

The outer circle of the model represents a solid meeting framework that binds the SMART organization together by consistently aligning, communicating and implementing the vision + strategy, maintaining team health, and successfully ensuring performance excellence.

Effective meetings require discipline to maintain focus on achieving results. SMART Meetings review progress, discuss issues, teach, build relationships and team unity and are the fuel of a successful organization.  A SMART Organization implements the following six meetings consistently:

SMART Meetings image.PNG



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