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Making the very human decisions about hiring



PXT Select offers premium selection and employee-assessment solutions that help organizations get actionable data about the people they hire and employ. Our solutions are delivered exclusively through the authorized partner network of coaches, trainers, and consultants like us, who want to help organizations make smarter hiring decisions. 

I’d like PXT Select to be an integral part of our hiring process because I believe it’s a game-changer.

PXT Select is a unique selection assessment that fills the gap between the resume and the interview. This assessment helps organizations:

  • Get a clear picture of candidate's thinking style, behaviors, and interests, giving you a meaningful edge in making the right hiring decision.
  • Start the selection process on the right foot. Explore an expanding library of job functions to which you can compare candidates.
  • Interview with confidence! Ask tailored questions and keep an open ear out for "what to listen for" based on a candidate's assessment results
  • Identify ways to enhance performance and maximize an individual's contribution to your organization
  • Match people with positions in which they'll preform well and enjoy what they do.
  • Reduce turnover and boost employee engagement, which results in happier employees!

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