Executive Coaching


No one ever made it the Olympics without a coach.  The same is true of high achievers who want to excel at their chosen field and reach their goals.

Today’s leaders face unprecedented pressure to deliver innovation and cost-savings in an environment of continuous change, shrinking teams and budgetary restrictions.  To be successful in today’s business environment, executives need to engage in new ways of thinking, observing and acting.  Executive coaching supports leaders to move beyond habitual thoughts and behaviors to create their vision of the future and then successfully execute that vision.  Coaching is the most effective development tool available to leaders today.

Executive coaching supports leaders (both current and future) by helping them identify what they can bring to an organization and get clear on their career path and personal development. When a leader has clear goals and focus on their roles and expectations, they are more likely to follow through.

Executive coaching is also crucial to developing the talent within your organization. Studies show that employees who “rise through the ranks” within a particular company remain more loyal and become more vested in the success of your business. We help you identify potential future leaders within your organization and facilitate their growth.

We believe that coaching is the most effective development tool available to leaders today.

Here’s a quick fact:  It costs more money to hire from outside of your company than to groom someone from within. It’s also more cost effective (from a financial and emotional standpoint) to provide your employees with leadership and performance development than letting them go and replacing them.  

Replacement cost of a failed employee can amount to up to 2.5 times their pay.


The ROI of Coaching

According to the Wall Street Journal survey of CEOs, retention of key executives is by far the most critical success factor for companies today.  Meanwhile, recent research finds that 82% of executives in the U.S. are currently searching for new jobs while Gallup reports that 70% of U.S. employees say they feel “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work.  Dissatisfaction with potential for career development is a leading reason leaders give for feeling dissatisfied.  

A key to retaining the highest-achieving leaders is to correctly identify them and provide them with meaningful development.  Executives who receive coaching feel more connected to their firm through a greater sense of commitment to their jobs, increased alignment with the firm’s goals and a sense that their value is being recognized.  Organizations that focus intensively on developing leaders build higher levels of employee engagement.  This translates into higher levels of performance as measured by customer satisfaction metrics, market share and financial performance.

BreakthroughROI Coaches Bring Quality

BreakthroughROI’s highly experienced coaches provide strengths-based, action-oriented, strategic coaching and consulting to accelerate leaders, strengthen teams and transform businesses.  Whether we are working directly with individuals, teams, or the organization, we use a coaching approach that enables leaders to find answers within themselves and provide accountability for them to implement these changes for a sustainable competitive advantage.

Collectively, BreakthroughROI’s coaches represent over 100+ years of direct business experience and a strong, real-world understanding of business dynamics.  We comprehend the challenges of leaders from the entrepreneurs through Fortune 500 executives.  BreakthroughROI’sservices are delivered from experience, rather than just theory.

BreakthroughROI views strategic coaching as a systems approach made up of three cohesive components:  the individual leader, the team, and the company.  While we aspire to address the developmental needs of the individual or team, we never lose sight of the fact that leaders function within a larger organization.

The ROI of Coaching

In a global ROI study on coaching services, executives from Fortune 100 companies who had participated in coaching for 6-12 months evaluated an average rate of return of six times what the coaching cost their companies. 

Findings of a 2010 HDA Executive Coaching Survey show:

  • 97% of organizations believe that coaching impacts positively on business performance
  • 97% of respondents believe that coaching enhances the ease with which changes are accepted and implemented
  • Individual and/or team performance improvement was rated as the main business benefit observed from coaching
  • 88% of organizations state that coaching provides value for the money

Make an investment that will transform your leaders, teams and organization with breakthrough results.